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Little young girl red dress hugging his head white horse

For the love of horses

  We all have a place in our hearts for our own special horse. My mission is to capture and honor your horse so that you can bring the enjoyment of them into your home.

 Measure your door space, width and length. Most interior doors are either 32x80 or 36x80.  I paint on your typical hollowcore  doors that have a raised panel. If you have a door you would like to provide I will paint on that too, providing it is in good condtion.  I need to have a good photograph of your horse, especially for head portraits. It is important that you relay it's color, breed, approx height and any other special characteristics you want to note. I always like to know the name of the horse I'm painting and why this horse is so special to you. Make note of background colors in the portrait you would like. Then choose the wood look you like. The backside of the door is painted in the same wood look unless otherwise specified. 

We do not cut in hinges or door knobs, and installation is up to the customer. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before I will start a door. Have a look at the gallery pictures for ideas! $1499 includes door.

Prints Available

Just like prints can be made from original canvas paintings, prints can also be made for my doors. The “portrait” part of the door is printed on a laminated vinyl with an adhesive back and is applied to the door. Then, I paint the rest of the door in your color choice of wood look.

Printed doors start around $695, depending on the size of the printed area. A 50% deposit is required prior to starting on all commissions and prints. Commission prices vary depending on complexity.

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